Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'm back! What was keeping me for over three weeks? Too many things to name, but getting my Pilates apprenticeship hours completed was first and foremost. As I have it planned out now, I should be done by 2/20- the Friday before I take a Qigong workshop I have been dying to take at YMAA Boston. That Sunday is Sam's birthday, so hopefully that weekend will go well and not too stressfully.

I am actually enjoying this process and combined with my focus on slower, more meditative/restorative yoga for the last month and a half is finding me ask myself, "what's the rush?" The money thing, of course- I will actually be able to get paid for my teaching- and the extra hours to myself- I'll still have to teach and practice, but I won't have to observe- but those things aren't so onerous that I'm gritting my teeth like I would have in college. Then I remember that the reasons underpinning the urgency: I still have to get the ACE fitness certification. I still have to get certified to teach Classical Stretch. I still have to decide my direction for this vegan baking endeavor of mine. And, oh yeah, now I'll actually have time to edit, which I've resentfully put off for the last year plus.

And yet... the one thing I know I still want to do is edit (and eventually publish). I am just not that sure about the rest. I'll re-up with Yoga Alliance on Monday- I was just waiting for funds. Not a problem. Someday (or weekend!) I'd love to be able to take a workshop and get some more training under my belt. But do I want to be a personal trainer? Do I believe in this Classical Stretch stuff? Do I really want to take on more baking clients, given how much work even my one client is and how much space I have to store my ingredients and work in? I don't ever, ever, ever see myself opening up my own shop- my husband's horror stories about the restaurant business combined with my cafe experience last year negated that fantasy. And really, with four children, two of whom are still small, I am not fantasizing about waking up at three in the morning anymore. On the other hand, most clients I would take on would probably want smaller orders that my current client (last order was 90 cupcakes deep). So maybe I'm still up in the air- but I'm not sure I want to do enough business to justify a website or even business cards.

As for the ACE exam, do I want to spend $250 plus for something that I don't know how often I'll use? I see myself working at this gym and providing hybrid personal training- a little bit of cardio on the machines- even though I hate the machines- and then working on the apparatus. But to my thinking, Pilates- apparatus or no- can still give you everything you need, and I just don't *believe* in the standard equipment.

And as for Classical Stretch, I just don't know if I believe in the philosophy. There are many things I like about it, but the story about how the creator got to it, and some of the things she instructs... I'm just not sure how anatomically sound it is. There, I said it.

What do I want? I want to work about 20 hours per week between fitness classes and private training, with maybe three or four classes. I want to teach more in the Boston Public Schools. I want to be the go-to mind-body trainer in Boston. I want to sell about 50 cupcakes per week. I want to have three hours per day in which I can work on my writing, preferably in a continuous block, but I'll take what I can get. Yeah. Is that too much to ask?

I'll keep you posted,
Deb in the City

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