Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another week down

Or is it just getting started? That, people, is the problem I am running into. It just doesn't stop lately, and I want it to.

Technically, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are our free-ish days. Call me crazy, but maybe Hebrew School one day and a bass lesson the next is not so free, but perhaps that gives you an idea of the rest of the week. And this Tuesday Jaz went to a homeschooling event and I went to a meeting of another, less-frequent playgroup. And though we got to be nice and quiet for the first part of Wednesday, Jaz decided that she just had to go to this event with some of her friends. Michael took her when he picked up our CSA share.

Michael's week has been mightily disrupted. He likes to do his job, and I like it when he gets paid for doing his job (among other things). And because he's that way, he's going to do his job, no matter what day of the week he has to do it on. Even if it's a Saturday, as he has for the last two Saturdays in a row.

I am not one of those parents who feels like she is "watching" her own children, and I am pretty lackadaisical in my old age. Our weekend time doesn't have to be very different from our week time. But even with my more relaxed attitude, it gets to be a lot when it doesn't let up. Especially when I have the brilliant idea of filling that time with things like the Lego Kids Fest (what a waste of time and money) and a child's birthday party (that was lovely- I would have been happy if all we had had to do was just that). And then there was the prep work needed to get Jaz ready for her friend's party, getting Jaz to her party and then picking her up. Without a car. Not to mention coordinating a friend's visit to our house while I was out.

Which is all to say that I am on record as absolutely refusing to do anything whatsoever next Saturday, and it is my preference that my husband not work that day, if only so we can spend some time sleeping in together.

What about Sundays? That's Hebrew School and Bass day, and it's a day I dread more with every week. Carrying Jaz's bass around while I switch trains becomes more and more cumbersome, especially as I have to go back and forth between home and the westerly end of Boston in the middle of the day to do so. But... I do like that on Sunday I have something like two hours all to myself during which I can get some reading done. The week's little luxury.

I made a big huge mistake with Sam and put her into everything I could find that I could afford. And I made her stick with it, long past the point where she was showing signs of fatigue. I want to do better by her siblings, and I'm trying to respond when they tell me something is too much or that they don't want to do it. But... there is a reason they are going to Hebrew School, and a child who wants to have music in her life would do well to take advantage of a program offered by a renowned children's orchestra. Right?

So what about the rest of it? Jaz is showing signs of fatigue. The first week was the honeymoon, the second week was the second half of the first year of marriage. Obviously, we're not changing anything just yet, but nothing is set in stone. I want to be fair, but I also have to keep my family and my child's needs in mind.

Deep thoughts required, but I'm too tired to think them right now.

Deb in the City

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