Sunday, August 07, 2011

I'm angry too

But let's not make it worse.

I'm not talking about the ratings downgrade, the budget deal that didn't include any revenues or the fact that I live in a country people are increasingly shaking their heads over. I'm talking about Mark Duggan, the 29 year old father of four who was killed in Tottenham, London last week.

The police were coming to arrest him while he was returning home. The family is reporting that he was shot so badly that they had trouble identifying him (that's in the last link in this post). The official story is that Duggan was killed in an exchange of fire. The family is strenuously denying this, and there are now reports that a bullet said to have been fired by Tottenham was actually police issue and therefore unlikely to have been fired him.

This is incendiary stuff, and thankfully doesn't happen as often in the UK as it does here. I'm glad people are angry about a young black man being shot by the police. That kind of thing happens too often around here.

But the riot on Sunday did nothing to improve matters. They don't usually. It sounds like the police have made family, friends and residents suspicious, but this doesn't get answers. This scares people, many of whom are probably also angry about what happened.

I'll be watching this closely. I hope the family gets the answers it deserves and quickly.

As for what could bring justice? I have no idea.

Deb in the City

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