Friday, September 23, 2011

I am not just the sum of my clicks

I took a social media break in August and did a lot of reading.  It was great.  In September, I started up again.  My verdict: I got a lot out of Twitter, Google + was useless and Facebook was getting on my nerves.  When they rolled out their newest changes to Facebook this week without any fanfare, I was annoyed.  It was when I heard about what they had in mind that I decided enough was enough.

It is not enough for Facebook that between 750 and 850 million people are registered users and that many feel like they can't leave because they are "locked in".  Now Facebook wants you to read the news, listen to music and watch movies on their platform.  Because every move you make and every step you take should be visible to all of your friends, those activities will be published to them.  And, according to Facebook, this is a good thing.  This will help me organize not just my user experiences but my identity and my life.  Because apparently my stories and my software applications express who I am.

The Hell they do.

Despite whatever you may think you know about me through whatever I have posted on an internet site, you do NOT know everything about me.  What I have written and interacted with expresses only a small part of who I am.  Some things I have written about at length, some things I have hinted at and some things I don't like to talk about, period.  People who have read my other blog know that I have a strange, possibly unhealthy obsession with Greek mythology.  Readers of this blog know that I homeschool my children, live in Boston, am a liberal Democrat and have more food sensitivities than anyone should.  But you don't know who my favorite teacher was in college, what my favorite class was, why I went to law school and then left or what made me decide not to go to business school after I got in.  You don't know why I gave my children the names I did and you don't know where all of my ancestors are from.  You don't know who I talk to, who my favorite writer is or the name of my fourth grade teacher.  You don't know what I wanted to do when I was nine.  You don't know why the year 1392 is important to me or why the word "Dresden" makes me want to cry.  You don't know what "Dong A Il Bo" is, why I started watching "Law and Order" or the things I wanted to watch when I was 17.

Most of things aren't secrets, but they haven't come up as a question on a website or application.  Some of these things are trivial, but some are very important to me.  And if you don't know some of these things, you don't really know me.  That's fine.  But let's not pretend that a bunch of websites and really thorough information aggregators can capture all of that or that the sum of what they can is "my life".

I will be blogging here and at my other blog.  I will be tweeting because I like many of the people I've "met" on Twitter.  I will be reading and writing.  I will do the other things I do that define me as a person, some of which I will share, some of which you can guess and some of which would surprise you to know.  Because that's how I roll.

I'm pretty sure the same can be said of all of you.

Deb in the City

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