Monday, June 11, 2012

I've been working on something

This is my soft launch for the homeschooling blog I started. (You know you thought I needed to start another blog.) There isn't a ton of content there yet, but I am really psyched about one feature I've started to fill up.

I embedded a calendar in a page called Free in Boston (or just about). Half of my excitement is that this is a cool feature, period, and I'm restraining myself from coming up with different calendars to embed. But those of you who like to see things with a purpose might also think it's cool that after about two hours of finding information it's already so full.

There's A LOT you can do in Boston with your children for free or very nearly free. (I included the $1 Friday nights at the Children's Museum, but otherwise I've kept it free.) There's a lot of stuff I didn't put on because I wanted to keep it to events either located in Boston or easily accessible via public transportation.

I will note that as of now I haven't found a ton of things for Monday or Tuesday. I'll keep looking, but I don't see this as a tragedy. Because, when in doubt, there's always the library.

More to come,

Deb in the City

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