Thursday, November 26, 2015

Groom Wedding Speech - five Top Writing Tips

Finally, for those of you who simply complain that you can't type fast enough, there is a great solution to that problem. It's called Dragon Naturally Speaking. It's speech recognition software that can have you dictating your article at a rate of well over 150 words a minute. I've written 500 word articles in under five minutes using this software. And version 10 is the best yet.

Another great tip is to make sure that you have all your research notes in front of you. This of course assumes that you are writing on a topic that you had to research. Don't try to rely on your memory. If you need notes, use them as an outline. There is nothing wrong with doing this. Now, if you're writing about a subject that you know very well, just write. Don't second guess yourself. You know what you're talking about so be confident in your writing. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to get the point across that you want to convey to your readers.

Learn from the experts. No matter how good you are in writing articles, I still recommend that you find time for writing seminars that are hosted by renowned article writers in the World Wide Web. Who knows, you'll be able to get useful Writing Tips and techniques that will help you take your article writing skills to the next level.

Create an outline. After gathering data, the next step is to plan your content. Do the process of elimination and remove those information that are not really important or those that your readers know already. Then, arrange the remaining information in a logical manner. You should present the most important ones on top. Reserve the last paragraphs for your supporting details.

But what if you wanted feedback on your practice pieces? Traditionally, the only way was to make use of the same resources as you would if you were just starting out.

The second type of reference is the fact reference. Even though you do all your research, and second check and make nice long lists of facts... it's never enough. There's always that one little pain in the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. That one fact you have to check either while you're writing or while you're editing (if you're lucky). Traditionally those resources have been a big problem. Encyclopedias and year books have been the desk side references of choice. But the only real choice was the local library. How can a library be a desk side reference? Most libraries have a fact checking service which is available by phone. One little phone call and people who love chasing down facts are let loose on a whole building of facts.

Now, having said that, you don't want your intro to be as long as the other paragraphs and your summary. So let's say for the intro we want 75 words and for the summary we want 50 words. That leaves us 375 words for the three tips. That's about 125 words for each tip.

Constant Content Writing Tip #4: Know your strategy. Selling only usage rights does make it easier to set up a passive income stream, but full rights articles sell for a lot more money and are in much higher demand. Depending on your immediate and long term goals, this can affect the prices you set and even what type of rights you're wiling (or not) to sell.

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