Monday, March 14, 2016

How to Lose Fat as Vegetarian by Laura Ng

It pains me to see vegetarians going back to their old meat-eating lifestyle again after they failed to lose fat as a vegetarian. In fact, you don't have to take away your vegetarian lifestyle and worse, sacrificing your health for meat-laden weight loss once you find out about these effective vegetarian fat loss tips.

1. Lose Fat as Vegetarian by Restoring Your Fat-Burning Engine's Function

Many vegetarians never realize the importance of eating nutrient-dense vegetarian diet. They thought it's meant just for maintaining the overall well-being of a body. More than that actually.

Look, when you provide your body with all key nutrients it needs, it'll help you take care of your weight automatically. You probably overload your body with too much vegetarian food high in sodium, sugar and saturated fat, which then deprive your body of other essential nutrients, causing it to run haywire. That's why you gain weight.

I know those foods taste great. But great food should not only taste good, but provides high nutritional values. You sure can find such nutrient-packed vegetarian foods without giving up on the texture and flavor, which brings us to the next tip.

2. Lose Fat as Vegetarian by Making Nutritious Yet Delicious Veggie Meals

Sound impossible? It was, but not anymore. Go find some good vegetarian weight loss recipes that show you how to whip up fat loss veggie meals rich in nutrients and yet make your mouth water. Good recipes should also show you how to prepare "portable" weight loss meals in minutes so you can always eat healthily to lose fat even on the go.

The advantages of making tasty veggie meals are:

-- It'll make you forget all about going back to eating meat

-- You know exactly what you put inside your mouth and you can preserve as much nutrients in your meal since you're in total control.

3. Lose Fat as Vegetarian by Holding Regular Discussions

Form a group among your fellow overweight vegetarian buddies to discuss on ways and means to lose fat healthily, and not turn to meat-laden or other veggie-version crash diets for help.

4. Lose Fat as Vegetarian by Listening to Your Body

None of us bear the same body constitutions. Some vegetarians will lose fat and keep it off without exercising, while some may need to add workouts to get the same fat loss effect. If you belong to the latter, just do it.

Most of us were not born vegetarians, I'm no exception. So, if I can lose fat the vegetarian way, why can't you? Getting back to meat option is just an excuse for some people who actually crave for it.

What are you actually looking for? Just fat loss? Or both fat loss and permanent health? As "spiderman" in the movie "Spiderman 3" says, "We always have a choice." What's yours?

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